Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service

Learning resources relating to Clinical and Pharmacy Terminology and Clinical Classifications products, including ICD, OPCS, SNOMED CT and dm+d. These resources will help you to understand and make best use of these products.

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A Basic Introduction to Clinical Coding

Length:3h 5m

Basic Anatomy and Physiology eLearning

Length:15h 43m

Four Step Coding Process

Length:1h 20m

Increased productivity

There is a clear link between staff increasing their IT skills and increased productivity in the workplace but don't take our word for it... In a survey of 3000 staff, over 90% stated they had increased their productivity in the workplace having undergone IT Training as part of the IT Skills Pathway.

Working to a recognised standard

How often have you seen a job description that asks for "good IT skills", "sound knowledge of Microsoft Office" or something similar? The trouble is, these tend to be very subjective terms. By implementing the IT Skills Pathway, you can provide your organisation with an objective, measurable standard that is accompanied by customisable assessment and learning tools.

Not reinventing the wheel

Whilst every organisation has different IT skills requirements, we believe there are certain core skills required by all staff. The IT Skills Pathway "for the Workplace" courses provide you with these core skills and also allows you to customise course content to suit your individual organisational needs. Designing, authoring and hosting your own learning is a time consuming and costly process. The IT Skills Pathway provides you with a system where this hard work has already been done for you - releasing your training staff to concentrate on other projects.

Cost Savings Calculator

Use the form below to calculate the likely annual efficiency savings your organisation could achieve by implementing the IT Skills Pathway learning programme.
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