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Terms of Use

  1. About these terms and conditions
    • It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand and comply with these terms and conditions. It ensures that:
      • You understand your responsibilities and what constitutes an abuse of the service
      • Computers and personal data are not put at risk
    • If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, you should contact your Digital Learning Solutions centre if you are a learner or the Digital Learning Solutions team if you are an administrator.
    • The Digital Learning Solutions team reserves the right to update this document as necessary.
  2. General information about Digital Learning Solutions products
    • Digital Learning Solutions products have been provided to aid registered organisations with the training and development of their staff and this should be your main use of the system.
    • Digital Learning Solutions products should be used in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, and at no point does it supersede them.
    • Access to Digital Learning Solutions products are owned by Health Education England and is provided to member organisations for their use.
    • Health Education England reserves the right to withdraw user access in the case of misuse or inappropriate use.
  3. Your responsibilities when using the service
    • General responsibilities:
      • You must not use Digital Learning Solutions products to violate any laws or regulations of the United Kingdom or other countries. Use of the service for illegal activity is usually grounds for prosecution and/or legal action.
      • You must not attempt to interfere with the technical components, both hardware and software, of Digital Learning Solutions products in any way.
      • When you set up your user account you must identify yourself honestly, accurately and completely.
      • You must ensure your password for Digital Learning Solutions products is kept confidential and secure at all times. You should contact the Administration Team if you become aware of any unauthorised access to your Digital Learning Solutions account.
      • You must only access Digital Learning Solutions products with your own username and password and never share your access credentials with others.
      • You should never input your Digital Learning Solutions password into any other website, and you will never be asked for your Digital Learning Solutions password e.g. by phone or email. Do not divulge this information to anyone, even if asked.
      • All communication you send through any Digital Learning Solutions product is assumed to be official correspondence from you acting in your official capacity on behalf of your Organisation.
      • You must familiarise yourself with the Digital Learning Solutions accessibility and privacy statements, as well as the systems guidance documents if required.
    • Responsibilities when using Digital Learning Solutions products:
      • You must not attempt to disguise your identity or that of your organisation.
      • It is your responsibility to make sure that your details in the system are correct and up to date.
      • You must not use the Digital Learning Solutions to identify individuals or groups of organisations to target for commercial gain, either on your behalf or on that of a third party.
    • Responsibilities of organisations providing access to Digital Learning Solutions products to delegates:
      • It is the responsibility of every organisation to provide appropriate support to the delegates within their remit. Under no circumstances should learners contact the Digital Learning Solutions team direct to resolve issues or for advice.
      • When providing support to delegates, organisation administrators should make all reasonable attempts to resolve issues before escalating via a support ticket to the Digital Learning Solutions team.
      • Where any delegate is identified as failing to comply with the General Responsibilities (above) it is the responsibility of organisation administrators to withdraw access to Digital Learning Solutions products from the learner by inactivating their account and, if the severity of any incident warrants it, notifying the Digital Learning Solutions team by raising a support ticket.
  1. Dispute / issue resolution processes
    • In the event of a dispute arising, authorised representatives of Health Education England and the organisation involved will discuss and meet as appropriate to try to resolve the dispute within seven calendar (7) days of notification.
    • In the event of failure to resolve the dispute through the process set out above the decision of Health Education England is final.
  2. Termination
    • Any Organisation may leave this Agreement by giving Health Education England notice. Access to Digital Learning Solutions products will subsequently be terminated.
    • The Digital Learning Solutions team reserves the right to terminate an organisation’s access to the any or all of its products if it becomes apparent that any of the responsibilities outlined in section 3 are not being complied with by organisation administrators.
  3. Complaints
    • Each organisation must ensure that their learners understand where complaints should be directed.
  4. Freedom of Information requests
    • All Partner Organisations recognise that public bodies are subject to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 ("FOIA") and the Environmental Information Regulations ("EIR"). Any such requests relating to information collected by the Digital Learning Solutions service and systems should be directed promptly to the relevant recorded individual at your organisation.
  5. Legislation and Guidance
    • Organisations are subject to a variety of legal obligations and statutory and other guidance in relation to the delivery of services and skills training to staff and the protection of their personal data. This will vary from organisation to organisation depending on setting and context. It is each organisation’s responsibility to ensure they comply with all relevant National, International and local legislation and guidance.
  6. System Support
    • ALL learner support is provided through our network of Centres (visit the Find Your Centre page for contact details).
    • System support / Super Administration is provided by Health Education England. The service is provided 5 working days a week 9 am to 5 pm excluding English bank holidays. A reduced service is provided over each Christmas holiday period and this is notified to all organisations in advance. This team does not provide direct support to learners.
    • The support service can be contacted via the support ticket process found within the system itself. If the Tracking System is unavailable, Centre Administrators can email
    • Health Education England undertake to respond to your request within two working days, with one of the following responses:
      • The issue is now resolved
      • More information from the organisation is required
      • The issue requires software development
      • A request for change needs to be submitted and considered
    • The Super Administrator will have full, unrestricted access to your Digital Learning Solutions products to enable support to be carried out in a speedy and efficient manner. The Super Administrator will remind you that they are accessing the products in this manner.
  7. System Governance
    • The Digital Learning Solutions Expert Advisory Group (DLSEAG) provide the governance for the system. Governance will include:
      • Review and critique materials proposing new functionality
      • Evaluate and prioritise requests for system changes
      • Provide expert knowledge, guidance and skills to determine the future development of the system
  1. Warranties
    • Health Education England does not give any warranty as to the accuracy of the information recorded in the system by organisations or individuals. It is the express responsibility of organisations to verify, by their own means, the accuracy of the information entered.
  2. System Decommissioning
    • If the system is decommissioned the data held will be returned to the originating organisation. If a specific format is required this must be discussed with the System Support to ensure that if it is feasible. The data will be transferred securely and with send and received receipts.