Welcome to the Digital Learning Solutions Platform Help Documentation

What is the Digital Learning Solutions?

The Digital Learning Solutions platform provides organisations with the tools to manage and deliver access to customisable digital training and assessment content. The DLS platform hosts a wealth of centrally provided content, including the IT Skills Pathway and allows organisations to deliver and manage their own content alongside it.

What is the Tracking System?

The Tracking System provides centres with the tools to manage the delivery of learning to delegates. It allows:

  • delegate records to be managed
  • courses to be configured
  • delegates to be enrolled on courses (either individually or as a group)
  • reports on delegate progress and achievements

What is the Content Management System?

The Content Management System (CMS) allows centres to manage the learning content and courses that are available to users.

All centres have access to mix and match centrally provided content to create new courses.

Centres that have a Premium or Enterprise licence can also use CMS to create entirely new courses, uploading their own learning and assessment content.

What is the Learning Portal?

The Learning Portal provides delegate with access to their Digital Learning Solutions learning content. From the Learning Portal, delegates can access:

  • the courses on which they are currently enrolled
  • courses they have completed including certificates
  • courses that are available for them to enrol on

Becoming a Digital Learning Solutions Centre

To join the many other organisations already using the Digital Learning Solutions platform, please email us at dls@hee.nhs.uk providing your centre name, designated centre manager name, e-mail address and contact telephone number or complete the contact form. The centre manager will then be sent an invite to register on the Digital Learning Solutions platform.

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