Learning Portal

Access Digital Learning Content

At a glance view of current learning courses and target dates.

As soon as you log in to your Learning Portal, you are presented with your Current Courses list. This is your to-do list of learning and will show you what you need to do and when by. Any almost due or overdue training will be highlighted, helping you prioritise your study time.

Target dates can be set by your centre administrators when they enrol you on a course or by you to help keep you motivated and prioritise your learning.

Easy, searchable access to available learning content.

Want to study something new? The Available courses list allows you to easily browse and search the content that is available from your centre. Once you've found the course you're interested in, click to enrol and you'll have access to it instantly.

Quick access to completed courses and certificates.

All of the courses that you've completed can be accessed from the Completed Courses list. This lets you revisit course content to refresh your knowledge and gives you easy access to any certificates you've achieved.

Browsable and searchable bitesize learning from the Knowledge Bank.

Need to learn something quickly and don't have time to complete a whole course? The Knowledge Bank lets you browse and search all of the available learning content and view individual videos and tutorials to help you get the skills you need as quickly as possible. You will even be able to extend your search to include external resources available on YouTube.

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